Peggy and her team are awesome. The staff there is fun and friendly and they are full of industry knowledge. I saw the other reviews posted but as someone who has traveled to over 15 countries and 44 states I would not trust anyone else with handling my travel plans. I have also learned that there is no such thing as a perfect trip and I don’t believe Shooting Star should be held responsible for things that are out of their control. We went to one resort with 5 star ratings and it was one of if not the most horrible experience ever but again it was not the travel agents fault it was the resort. Also flights are changed all the time from minutes to hours and tour companies make changes without telling the booking agent so I will end this with saying this. Shooting star travel is a reputable organization run by great people. If you can’t handle the turbulence involved when traveling maybe you should stay at home. ~ Christopher F.


Dear Teresa,

Carrie and I had an amazing time!  75°-80° and sunny Monday-Friday.  Traveling was flawless.  Besides pool sitting, endless drinks and food; the highlight was swimming with the pigs!  We did not anticipate 300 pound pigs…but those pigs are HUGE!  On the same excursion we saw the clearest of clear and bluest of blue water.  Thank you to you and Shoot Star!  I look forward to planning our next trip. ~ Ryan K.


When we decided to have a destination wedding we had some close friends recommend Shooting Star Travels to us based off the experience they had working with them to plan their honeymoon. It couldn’t have been a better recommendation!! From the first meeting we had with Peggy to working through the entire process of planning our wedding and honeymoon with Emily we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and trying to plan a wedding outside of the country can take it to a whole different level. We couldn’t be more thankful for the help that we got from Emily, not only from the travel aspect for both us and our guests but it was really helpful to work with somebody who has experience with having a destination wedding.

We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Shooting Star Travels to any of our family and friends and will definitely be working with them in the future. Thank you Emily and Shooting Star Travels for helping us have the wedding of our dreams. ~ Amanda


There is only one company I trust to handle all of our personal and business travel and that is Shooting Star Travel! Peggy is one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever met and her compassion for what she does is a hard to find trait amongst people today. Thank you for the great service Peggy! ~ Christopher


Exceptional service means memorable trips!

It is pleasure to write about our exceptional experiences with Shooting Star Travels. We have been working with Peggy Fischer and her travel experts for over twenty years when planning over 35 trips to numerous places in the USA and the world, including all 5 continents. Their knowledge and plethora of ideas has assisted us when choosing airlines, cruise companies, bus tours, excursion opportunities, vaccinations, passports, visas and any other logistics for our trips. When our flights have been canceled, missed connections, or we needed to get home for family emergencies, Shooting Star Travels was there to assist and made themselves available “24-7”. People often ask how our trips are planned. We always recommend using a travel agent and in particular the travel agents at Shooting Star Travels because of their expertise and updated knowledge. We have taken incredible trips to such places as Africa, Antarctica, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, Alaska, Europe, Russia, Poland, and so many other beautiful locations and cultures around the world. When working with Peggy we always felt our safety was considered, we were well taken care of and prepared for our next memorable journey. Thanks Shooting Star Travels!